Hello and welcome to the craftily named Trading Training. I intend to help you on your journey to becoming a successful, profitable trader by steering your mind round the potholes of ignorance and lies that surround this industry. Let’s get started with a quick quote from Marilyn vos Savant:

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.

So like many industries, the Internet has made trading seem increasingly accessible to everybody. I’m a big fan of making things more accessible; open-source software, the Right to Roam in the countryside without fear of persecution. The trouble is whilst computers and brokers have technically made trading a possibility to many people, that doesn’t mean that all those people have the ability to trade. There are intellectual, technical, legal, and discipline barriers to most who try.

I would never like to discourage anyone from trying trading (that’s what demo accounts are for) but it’s worth mentioning that if you can overcome all the above obstacles there is a HUGE amount of disinformation – that is bad information – regularly published and regurgitated across the Internet, in books and seminars. This website intends to dispel some myths and present a simpler, easier and ultimately more accessible way to trade Forex and the Stock Markets.

Just look at the happy guy pretending to look at some charts. Ah bless.

My Background

I have been attempting to learn how to trade for just over a year. This makes me a rookie, but also provides me with a unique perspective on both the retail trading industry and those who sell products supposedly aimed at teaching rookies how it’s done.

I’m in my thirties and live in the UK (which by the way is possibly the best place to be a trader – more on that later). I also run a web design business so approached trading with a strong technical, pragmatic bias that influences my approach and ethos. I’m also borderline hippy in my approach to time management and work/life balance. So if you’re looking for a method of trading that’s as easy as it gets and allows you time to actually live your life, you’re in the right place.

Who uses the trackpad and types at the same time?

My trading journey started thanks to a BBC documentary “Traders – Millions by the Minute”.

I was disenchanted with web design – so competitive and clients don’t always see the value of a properly put together website when they believe they can do the same using a free platform. Anyway I digress.

I have an entrepreneurial mind so am always looking for interesting ways to make money – ways other than the 9-5.

Trading seemed to be just such an option. Not only that but one with limitless earning potential. Sure it would take me a while to learn but once I did I could be a millionaire within a couple of years, right?



The truth versus the truth of trading.

There are MANY people, websites and books who aim to lower your expectation, extinguish the fire in your belly for trading when you’re first starting out. “You’ll never be a millionaire from trading unless you have a huge account size”, “is this really something you should be doing?” they ask.

The real reason you probably won’t make a lot of money trading? Because nobody will tell you the truth of how to trade. They’ll give you snippets, hints and ideas of what you need to do – “use Fibonacci retracements with RSI divergence”. But nobody that I have come across will actually tell you how to make money. They’re all much more interested in telling you about their complicated methods and strategies, or enticing you to buy into their ludicrously expensive courses.

Well enough of that. Like the masked magician who broke the Magician’s Code and exposed the tricks, I’m going to tell you how trading is really done.

Two monitors, Bluetooth keyboard and coffee. The recipe for success? Not necessarily…