How Many Hours Per Day Do I Need To Spend Trading?

How long we need to spend at the computer in order to profit from trading. Hint – not as long as you might think!

The first thing to mention is that your trading plan, trading strategy and prior commitments will all influence how many hours you will need to spend looking at charts and monitoring trades. For example – the system I use is fully flexible; you can use it on many different time frames from the 15 minute charts to the weekly charts. This means that depending on which time frame you choose to trade you may need to look at your charts every hour or so, or perhaps once a day.

Like many things in trading, it can be hard to give definitive answers as the short answer is “it depends”. But this website is not a place for such statements – I always try to strip away the ambiguous to reveal answers that will enable you to put together trading plans that work for you.